Google’s New SEO-related Course is Taught by its Employees

Google SEO Course

Google announced on May 2 that it is going to include digital marketing & e-commerce course as a part of its Google Career Certificates program. The course will be taught by employees of Google, “who are subject-matter experts” the company said.

It is the first SEO-related certification to be rolled by the search engine. For years, Google was firm on not giving out such certifications.

The “Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate“, though not entirely about SEO, will help aspirants aim for an entry-level marketing or e-commerce related job. Here’s a look at the course curriculum:

The second course in the certification program, titled ‘Attract and Engage Customers through Digital Marketing’, has the SEO component that seems to have attracted the most attention. It has given raise to questions of conflict of interest on Google’s part, while others welcoming it.

Google’s John Mueller was quick to jump in on the conversation too.

The course also includes hands-on training with third-party design tools, social sharing and CRMs, including Canva, Constant Contact, Hootsuite, HubSpot etc.

Google’s New SEO-related course: what are the implications ?

It needs to be made clear that these are basic skills that would help serve as a ‘ticket’ to entry-level job interviews. Like most online courses, it aims to get you into the industry if you’re an outsider or help you have a high-level knowledge of the subject. It aims to equip you with the tools and knowledge to get started.

The questions among SEOs are primarily towards the ‘certification’ part of the course.

While learning a good thing, it also involves the risks of setting a perception that the certification is a must-have in the job market or oversimplifying many of the grey areas the experts continue be explore wrt to SEO.

Who can take the course?

Google says there’s no prior experience required to get started with it. It’s 100% online and it estimates the course would take 8 months to complete, at the rate of 5 hours/week.

The certification is endorsed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

Most learners should be able to complete it within 300 USD and is available through Coursera that charges $39/month.

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